Environment Lighting

Environment lighting can be multiple things from up-lights - a staple in event lighting, enhancing the natural beauty of a venue or transforming a plain venue into something magical, to Gobo lighting that allows us to project a scene of your choice in the color of your choice. These effect are commonly used on walls, drape and trees, but they are also a great way to add color to almost anything. We match or complement to your theme colors.

Spot Lighting

Joe-Squared wants to make your special event magical and spotting a specific activity, area. or specific item makes it "pop". Spots are perfect for wedding cakes and table centerpieces, as well as anything extra special that would need the "spot light" at your event.

Market Lights

Also known as string lights, ball lights, etc., these are clear globes a little bigger then a golf ball. They are ideal for outdoor venues and tents, but also look great indoors. They spread a romantic, warm light over the event. Available in white and black cord for a romantic setting.


Gobos can make a generic event into "your" event, There‚Äôs nothing like your first dance, dancing around your initials, or your first kiss with your names behind you. A simple gobo can change a blank wall into a scenic wonderland, over 200 different pre-made gobos to choose from, all the way to custom Gobos. If you can think of it, we can get it.  Gobos are produced with laser cutters and glass prints, making it affordable to get a wedding monogram or company name projected on a surface. Joe-Squared can also turn your own graphic into a single color or full multi-color projected image or scene.