Joe-Squared Services

Joe-Squared believes that the imaginative and effective use of lighting, sound, and visual services can transform a basic event into something great, something that will dazzle your guests and deepen their memories of your special event.  We at Joe Squared are aware that light and color can directly affect mood and emotion.  Whether you desire an intimate and romantic wedding, a full tilt celebration, or an atmosphere that lends itself to sales or donations, lighting, sound, and visuals are key aspects of making your event SPECIAL.

Rather than having to deal with four different companies for your lighting, sound, visual, and DJ services, Joe-Squared can be your one-stop.  Choosing the right company is so important.  At Joe-Squared, we feel being the most technically knowledgeable of lighting and sound design and new equipment is key to providing the highest level of service to our customers.  We invest our time and resources finding ways to push our services and events to the next level.  We strive to bring to life whatever our customers' minds can imagine.

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